Healthcare Vending

  • Vending machine with smart vending technology has also extended to the distribution of health care and wellness related products. In the term of healthcare products, it can either be in healthy food vending or healthcare consumer products.
  • The healthcare vending machine is commonly placed in facilities that deals with healthcare business nature such as hospitals, clinics, wellness centers as well as locations with populations of high healthcare awareness like offices and gyms. In such case, the vending operators are able to develop and adopt healthcare vending policies and setting nutrition requirements for products sold in their healthy vending machines.
  • Pharmaceutical retailers and brands are also extending their medical and healthcare products distribution channels through healthcare vending machines, endorsing automated healthcare effectively with comprehensive unattended healthcare vending platform.
Dental Care Vending Machine

Why Healthcare Vending Machine?

Healthcare Vending Machine
  • Health care and wellness centers are always building healthy image in the minds of consumers. And this image gets more authenticity as you add healthy vending to the venue. The past few years have seen a tremendous growth in the use of smart vending machines in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The 24/7 availability of these smart vending machines allow consumers to reach out to healthcare products easily and conveniently even at the odd hours. By placing healthcare vending machines at the healthcare centers, it even allows the customers to pick some wholesome and substantial supplements like juices, healthy snacks, low-fat and decaf coffee and other health boosting options at their convenience.
  • Moreover, we have vending operators operating smart vending machines and vending lockers as 24-hours automated pharmacy selling all types of medicines and medical items round-the-clock. With this, the consumers can obtain over the counter products safely, conveniently and discreetly during emergency situations.
  • In the light of COVID-19 outbreak, we have vending operators selling health protection products in their vending machines and placed them anywhere that is convenient to the consumers. As there are too much movement restrictions during the crisis, vending machines stand to be an open, safe and reliable channel for consumers to purchase face masks, hand sanitizers, face shields, gloves and other personal protective products. It serves as an easy way to supply important medical products to the public.

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