Unmanned Store & Automated Shop

  • Unmanned store can be implemented by combining and incorporating several different forms of vending machines, vending fridges, lockers, coffee vending machines, vending kiosks and automated retail equipments to offer more product choices and merchandise range.
  • Amidst the dire needs to reduce human-dependency and the social distancing for public health, unmanned store and automated shop are becoming increasingly important. 24/7 automated convenience store and automated restaurant are the future of the retail and hospitality industries.
Unmanned Machine

Why Unmanned Store and Automated Shop?

  • Convenience and efficient

    Provides convenience, choices and efficiency for customers and operators.

  • Shop smarter

    Helps customers to shop faster and smarter.

  • Labor costs

    Frees up human staffs and labor costs.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Solves the traditional retail pain points of heavy overhead costs in construction, renovations, and to improve operational efficiency.

How Unmanned Store and Automated Shop work?

Unmanned Stores and automated shops with smart vending offer a wide selection of products in a single point of sales. With Vendron® smart retail solution, everything is intuitive and easy.

  • Make selections on interested item

    Step 1: Customer makes selections from the touch screen on the interested item.

  • Make mobile payments

    Step 2: Proceed by making one-time payment for the total prices of all the items selected. Various types of payment are available, either cash, cashless or mobile payments.

  • Dispense item

    Step 3: Upon successful payment, the respective vending machines or lockers dispense for the customer to pick their item accordingly.

*Steps may vary subject to the respective store's design

Please get in touch with us to know more how our smart vending and automated retail solutions can assist you in your smart retail and self-service unmanned retail operations.