Why Silkron?

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Silkron® has been implementing various smart vending and automated retail projects globally delivering the realible quality and efficiency to your business expectations and demands. Moreover, our Vendron® smart vending software platform is remotely accessible and allows you to manage your smart vending business anywhere and anytime at your convenience. We ensure that your smart vending machines are always ready for action and react to error more quickly.

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We pioneered the smart vending solution to help your vending machine business. It is backed by our professional development team that continuously creating and brainstorming on innovative features to meet the needs and expectations of the customers and market. We are a professional team with specialized focus in smart vending machines, smart lockers, food ordering kiosk and even old conventional vending machines. Our team has the passion and patience to solve the problems even a small one that are faced by our customer .

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Vendron smart vending platform is machine-agnostic and hardware-independent, which gives our clients the freedom of choice to find the vending machines that fit their desired requirements, budget, quality expectation and so on. Furthermore, our Vendron software platform is a plugin-based framework and can be integrated into almost any new and existing vending machines in the industries. Through Vendron Smart Vending Platform API, new plugins can be developed for new functions or applications, integrating or interfacing with new hardware, customization or personalization of the user interactivity, theme and so on from the front-end to the back-end. The customizability can fulfill your expectations of anything that comes out of your unlimited creative ideas.

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Our smart vending system provides your business with easy, simple and long term cost effectiveness from your investment. Our continuous development, integration, delivery and testing with more features and functions that raise the consumer expectation and benchmark for better software platform in the present and even for future.

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Silkron team will always be ready to assist your needs in smart vending and unmanned retail solution. We have a completed smart vending and automated retail products, services and solutions powered by our Vendron platforms from the Vendron embedded software powering the vending machines, Vendron Cloud services for remote managability, Vendron Platform API for 3rd-party integration and expandability to Vendron GO mobile app to meet the specific and individual needs of the unattended retail customer. Silkron has established a ecosystem of machine OEMs, system integrators and channel partners to provide total and comprehensive solutions covering all ends in different parts of the world to the vending machine operators, retailers, advertisers, investors, consumers, consumer brands and so on.

Please get in touch with us to know more about Silkron and how we can assist you in your smart retail projects.