Age-Restricted, Controlled & Regulated Vending

Smart vending machines and vending kiosks are also the effective channels to sell age-restricted goods, controlled products, and regulated merchandise, the sale of which is restricted by age with limited and regulated consumption or other regulatory requirements, for example, cigarette / tobacco products, alcohol drinks and beers vending, restricted equipment, cannabis / CBD products (only where the legislation permits) prescription drugs and medications in which leads to the need to equip vending machines with active control of the sales process using various technology like biometrics, visual recognition, remote inspection, AI, etc. With Vendron smart vending and automated retail platform, everything can be customized according to the regulatory requirements and compliance.
Controlled and Regulated Machine

Why and When do you need Controlled, Regulated & Age-Restricted Vending Machine?

  • Unmanned machine sells goods

    Vending machine sells controlled merchandises which require the identification and verification of the buyer.

  • Visual check buyer age

    Age restricted goods require age verification of the buyer to ensure minimum age requirements are fulfilled

  • Reliable and Convenient

    To provide a reliable and convenient process in self-service and unattended retail manner for selling regulated goods to persons legally entitled to it.

  • Monitoring and Control

    To enable consistent and reliable monitoring and control of the process of purchasing the goods from the moment the goods are selected until the goods dispensed.

  • 24/7 accessability anywhere

    Convenience with 24/7 accessibility at anytime and anywhere.

Please get in touch with us to know more how our smart vending and unmanned retail solutions can assist you in your age-restricted vending machines and unattended retail for regulated merchandise.