Cashless, Contactless and Touchless Vending Solutions

The world is looking for new smart retail consumer experience that is safe, hygienic, convenient and worry-free in the new normal lifestyle.

Silkron proudly presents to you the ground-breaking and cutting-edge contactless vending, touchless vending and cashless vending solution for your vending business.

Why going Cashless, Contactless and Touchless?

  1. To expand your business ability where customer nowadays going by mobile
  2. Embracing the usage of going cashless, compatible with a variety of payment gateways
  3. To reduce the cost of operation by eliminating cash payment device which also reduces the needs of maintenance frequency for cash mechanism
  4. Increase room for merchandise, as to eliminate cash payment devices
  5. More hygienic, reduce physical touch interaction
  6. Reduce robbery and damage chances, as lesser cash or no cash in the machines
Cashless, Contactless & Touchless Vending Machine

Touchless Highlight

Silkron Contactless & Touchless Vending solution enables consumers to make purchases of their immediate needs and daily necessities from vending machines, coffee machines and all types of automated retail equipment in a worry-free, safer, and convenient way.

Stay safe and hygienic in the new normal of lifestyle through our smart vending platform to embrace the latest trend and cutting-edge technology in the vending industry.

Cashless poster

Alternative ways of Touchless Vending experience

  • Cloud Logo

    Consumers can download Vendron Go app on mobile phone

  • Scan QR

    Consumers can search nearby to look for the nearest vending machine or direct scan QR if it is in front of the vending machine

  • Menu

    Consumers can view and purchase products from apps

  • Select Payment

    Proceed with the preferable payment method listed

  • Product Dispense

    Product dispensed, just grab and go

  • Learn more on Vendron Go

No App, Just Scan QR
  • Scan QR

    Consumers use the mobile phone to scan QR code on the vending machine

  • Web browser Popup

    Consumers can view and purchase products from their phone's web browsers (instant response on the machine's screen as you interact on your phone, like a remote control)

  • Select Payment

    Proceed with preferable payment method listed, cash or cashless, no problem

  • Product Dispense

    Product dispensed, just grab and go

Please get in touch with us to know more about how our touchless and contactless vending solution can assist you in your vending machines and smart retail operations.