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Hotel Kiosk

The world is moving towards an automated future, especially with IoT advancements, everything can be streamlined and effortlessly convenient. Hotel applications can achieve contactless and self-services to the hotel guests, especially, when it comes to long queues at the reception / front desk to check in, as well as can be very time consuming to complete the check in / out procedures.

Now with Silkron solutions, hotel lines could implement self-services kiosks by adopting a vending machine to help the guest for automated self check-in than over the counter. Furthermore, vending machines are also able to cater and sell the basic necessities or supplies related products to guests which create a better experience and at same time generate extra revenue.

Why Vending Machines with Hotel Kiosk?


Eliminate long queue and waiting time

With a hotel kiosk set up in your hotel, efficiency takes the front seat on your property as customers no longer need to stand in a queue at the reception desk to collect their access card. Check-in process has become as easy as scanning their Identity Card or Passport on the Vending Machine to confirm their booking details, make payments and you may receive the access card from the machine.


Increase hotel revenue

Hotel Kiosk that is constantly known only supports check-in and check-out procedures, yet with a combination of vending machines and hotel kiosk, customers could buy their basic necessity just a step far from their accommodation. Hotels could make use of the vending machine to sell snacks and beverages for the customer in need as well as some other essential products such as baby wipes, hand sanitizer and so on.


Collect customer survey / feedback and promotional uses

Despite the check in / check out process, vending machines also enable hotel owners to carry out surveys to collect customer information and feedback towards their staying experience and so on. Customers who participate by responding to the survey or giving feedback get to dispense a souvenir or discount voucher in return which can help to better promote the hotel and increase customer loyalty. Besides that, hotel operators also may apply Silkron code redemption feature to the vending machine that allow the public to redeem goods such as free gifts / vouchers after participating in the online survey and rating on social media. In addition, the hotel guest may also redeem ready to eat meals from the vending machine by using the redemption code.

How does it work? (Hotel Check in & Out)

Check in


Insert your Identity Card / Passport to check in



Make payment by Cash / Cashless

Collect card


Collect your room access card

Check out

STEP 4: Check Out

Insert your hotel access card to check out

Customer Portfolio

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