Smart Fridge Solution

Smart Fridge is the new self-service unattended retail solution that provides intuitive and seamless smart shopping experience to the consumers for fresh food, ready-to-eat meals, dairy products, groceries, vegetables and fruits and all kinds of merchandises. Alternatively also known as Smart Vending Fridge, Intelligent Vending Fridge, Take and Go Fridge and Grab and Go Fridge, it is convenient, secured and easy to connect people what they need right when and where they need it.

Silkron Smart Fridge

How does the Smart Fridge work?

  1. The Smart Fridge is to provide convenience to the consumers with ‘Grab & Go’ concept. All they need to do is to scan the QR code by downloading the Vendron GO App to unlock the door and to pick their desired item(s). They are able to look and feel the physical item(s) before deciding to make a purchase.
  2. Payment will proceed automatically once the item(s) are taken out from the smart fridge and when the door is closed.
  3. Items in the Smart Fridge can be detected leveraging on technology of either AI-based visual detection, RFID or weight-sensing, to track if the item has been taken out. Through opening the fridge door, the consumer will be able to view and feel all of the available products on their hand, to decide on the items they wish to purchase and then take and go. The smart fridge allows you to maintain round-the-clock readiness to serve any customers at the appropriate locations regardless of whatever circumstances, come rain or shine.
  4. Vendron allows you to monitor the remaining inventories in the smart fridge. You will then be able to access the gathered data for analysis and receive on inventory replenishment alerts.

How to use?

Download App
Scan QR Code
Grab Desired Product
Mobile Payment

Download the Vendron Go App

Scan the QR code

Grab the item(s)

Item(s) charged upon closing of fridge door

Why Smart Fridge?

Smart Retail Fridge transcending the traditional storefront business, you can now strategically place the smart fridge at multiple locations and consumer can get the fresh food 24/7.

  • Intuitive experience

    Register Vendron Go, scan the QR code, Grab & Go.

  • Inventory management

    Monitor quantities, prices, and products. Check the inventory and replenish the stock timely, with real-time sales and inventory updates.

  • Increase in Revenue

    Increases existing sales and create a new 24-hour smart retail channel.

  • Data Analytic

    Understand your business operation with better insight and data analytics.

RFID Smart Fridge

Silkron’s Smart RFID Fridge solution utilizes an RFID reader to read the tag attached to the products.

It features ultimate accuracy on items taken out from the RFID fridge. Buyer can have the flexibility to view and check on the details of the items and even put them back if it is not desired. The system will know what exactly has been taken out once the door of the smart fridge is closed then charge the actual amount accordingly.

Operators are expected to tag every product with an RFID tag, which requires effort. Operators can purchase any compatible RFID tag from the machine supplier or any other sources.

This RFID Smart Fridge, suitable for those operators that plan to sell variant types of product, or a series of products which looks almost alike with higher values.

Only relying on the RFID reader that is embedded inside the vending fridge, it has lower maintenance cost and lower startup cost.

AI Smart Fridge

Silkron’s AI Smart Fridge solution is an intelligent self-service grab-and-go smart vending fridge that utilizes Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI) visual recognition technology coupled with weight-sensing to recognize, detect and track the products that are taken out from the retail fridge in real-time by using images and videos fed by cameras. By leveraging the AI computer vision technology powered by machine learning, consumers can now pick up different items, examine items, and select their preferred ones. This makes for an intuitive shopping experience and improved customer satisfaction.

Silkron AI fridge solution utilizes Intel technology:

  • CPU: 11th-generation Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 processor
  • GPU: Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

It delivers high computing and graphics performance for demanding and scalable round-the-clock vision-based unattended and unmanned automated retail operations

Silkron is part of Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Visual Retail Specialist, an active member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. Intel teams with Silkron to deliver advanced solutions based on the latest technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence that ultimately strengthen learning and enable a more visual and connected experience.

Intel IOT Solutions Alliance
Intel Market Ready

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