Scan, Grab and Go with Vendron GO app : A Mobile Vending Solution

Silkron is dedicated to promoting a cashless and touchless society, and one of Silkron’s efforts is Vendron Go.  

Vendron Go is a mobile vending application that enables users to purchase items from Vendron powered vending machines without hands-on operating on the machine. The app acts as the end user’s interactivity and as an alternative screen right on the user's hand connecting to Vendron functioning machines.  

Vendron GO for Vending Machine

Typically, it is impossible to purchase anything from vending machines without the presence of the buyer in front of the machine and operating it, but with the existence of Vendron Go, the impossible became doable. With Vendron Go, buyers can easily access the vending machine with the “Search Nearby” function to locate vending machines with Vendron near the buyer, and the best thing is the application is enabling buyers to browse and shop items that are selling in the vending machine. This means that buyers can browse, select, and pay for their desired items without presenting themselves in front of the machine, and collecting them later with their order already under reservation for them. 

Vendron GO for Smart Fridge

Apart from vending machines, Vendron Go is particularly important in the operation of the smart fridge as well, and this application serves as one of the primary payment methods for Vendron operated smart fridges. Smart Fridge provides convenience to the consumers with the ‘Grab & Go’ concept. All they need to do is to scan the QR code with the Vendron GO App to unlock the door, pick their desired items and go. 

Cashless and Touchless Solutions

Besides, one of the benefits of mobile vending is to ensure a higher level of hygiene, especially during the pandemic where hygiene and health are the utmost concern of everyone. Using Vendron Go to purchase will avoid unnecessary contacts with people and machines, therefore, reducing the risk of exposure to viruses.

In Vendron Go, there are more useful features that will improve users’ experience and convenience: 

  • Nearby Machines

  • Scan, Browse & Pay

  • Machine & Cashless Payment

  • Skymap

  • Touchless & Contactless

  • Purchase History & E-Receipt

  • Reservation

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Scan, Grab and Go with Vendron GO app : A Mobile Vending Solution

Vendron Go is a mobile vending application that enables users to purchase items from Vendron powered vending machines without hands-on operating on the machine.
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